Please note the above settings for adding your field recording to SoundCloud. In order to submit:

1. Follow the Title format above (Use a 24 hour clock for the date, so 3:45 is 15:45)
2. Include your thumbnail
3. Include your brief in the 'Description' field
4. Set the type to 'Recording'
5. Tag your walk with 'cct335' and your student number
6. Ensure that your walk is set to 'Public'
7. When you have added your recording click on the 'share' button on the upper right of the audio player that is generated and copy the embed code to your clipboard.
8. Navigate to the submission page and click 'edit', click 'widget' (at the bottom of the page that appears), paste your code into the dialogue box that appears and click 'save'. Once you have added your walk, be careful not to erase any of the other embedded widgets and save the page.

Be sure to include your full name and student number as per the above instructions – if we cannot identify you that is your responsibility not ours.