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Here's something I found about the once proposed Queen Street Subway line:

What Ever Happened to the Queen Street Subway?


Cartography of migration flows - article that discusses one of the projects we'll be covering in the counter-cartography lecture.


China to Convert Phone Booths to Wi-fi hotspots

Invisible Cities from Christian Marc Schmidt on Vimeo.

Invisible Cities – a new geospatial tool for exploring social media information

The New City is film one in a documentary series created by car manufacturer BMW called Activate the Future. I couldn't embed the video so I've created a link below so you can all check it out.

Top Ten Google Earth Finds - Interesting discoveries by Google Earth 'Armchair Archaeologists'

Aerials: Between the Ionosphere and the Blogsphere – Interesting discussion regarding Christopher Gielen's aerial photography of sprawl.

It’s Always the Urban Pot That Boils Over – article on NYTimes about urban revolution.