CCT335: Lab #3 – Neighbourhood AnalysisAssigned: Feb. 8thDue: Mar. 1st 12PMScreen_shot_2011-02-07_at_1.20.19_PM.png "Mapping is an increasingly vital activity, one that undergirds diverse disciplines and transcends the supposed physical/digital divide. It is the conceptual glue linking the tangible world of building, cities and landscapes with the intangible world of social networks and electronic communications." – Janet Abrahams and Peter Hall, "Where/Abouts" (introduction to Else/Where: Mapping)
Overview: In this lab you will be using Google My Maps to create a map that documents your conception of and relationship with your neighbourhood. Google My Maps allows you to add features (points, lines and polygons) as a basic overlay to a Google map. Your features can be edited to include descriptions, photographs or videos. We will be looking at many facets of cartography and DIY mapping during the Feb. 8th and 15th classes, so this exercise is an opportunity to critically engage the subject – it is also a warm up for the group exercise you’ll be working on in March.
Exercise: Using Google My Maps, create a personalized map of what you consider to be your neighbourhood. You can include where you live, places that you frequent, where you work or go to school, routes that you travel to get around etc. Your map can also have a temporal or thematic dimension, noting locations where important or memorable events occurred. All placemarkers, polylines and polygons can be annotated with a textual description, accompanying image, or embedded video. You may include as many features as you think appropriate. If you don’t already have one, you will need to create a Google account for this exercise. If you want to include photographs or videos, you will need to have these available on a media sharing site such as Picasa Web Albums, flickr and YouTube.
A helpful tutorial to help get you started with My Maps is available here:
Submission Guidelines: Once you have finished creating your map you can submit it by email simply by clicking on send in the top right corner of your map. If your last name falls between A and La please submit your map to; if it is between Le and Z, please send to Your map must be submitted by 12pm on March 1st and late submissions will be penalized 3% per day (unless medical documentation is provided) – no exceptions.
Evaluation: This exercise is worth 10% of the final grade. You will be graded by thought and effort you put into making your map as well as the degree to which a viewer of this document can understand your relationship with the urban environment that you live in.